Smash your way through an epic adventure with draw to crush egg smashing game🐣
Do you love brain puzzle games🧩? If you want to challenge your mind and logical skills in fun and creative ways then try Draw to Crush Egg: Smash Bad Egg Puzzle Game. A puzzle game in which you will draw lines, figures or doodles to smash eggs.
Plan every step, build tactical strategies and estimate an outcome to solve logical puzzle and clear interesting levels. it’s an IQ test that tickles your brain and raise your intellectual abilities to next level.✨ GAME FEATURES ✨

Destroy all the bad eggs to move through the levels and advance to the very top level. Draw out any image you want, releasing it into the world to crush all the egg enemies.

Face off against the angry eggs, quirky-looking puppies and cute cats by drawing various shapes and figures. Each mission tests your creativity and strategic thinking in amusing ways. Plan, predict and execute your drawings to solve engaging fun puzzles.

As you progress in the game the puzzles become more difficult and trickier. Your logical and analytical skills grow with each triumph. Challenge your intellect and creativity in brain puzzle game. There are infinite ways to smash the bad eggs, find them and crush the bad eggs.

Grab your virtual pencil, smash the bad eggs and increase your rating in the game. The more you play the game, the higher your rating is and the more stars you have to progress through the game. Fun voices and cheerful music will lighten up your mood. Take a break from everyday life, download Draw To Crush Egg: Puzzle Game and have fun!