Time to repair and wash cars.

In our car wash game, we have a variety of vehicles for you to wash them and enjoy the cleaning services. Provide car washing workstation, tunning services in auto garage car fixing games and clean cars in car wash garage. Make your customer’s cars more shining at real car wash salon. Our game offers a variety of cleanable family cars, trucks and all kind of different vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, buses, excavators, tractors, police cars, fire engines, superhero cars and sports cars.

Calling all car lovers and cleaning enthusiasts!

Learn how to wash cars and start providing car washing services in your area. The ultimate car washing game that brings the excitement of running your own car wash business right to your fingertips! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as you transform dirty, mud-splattered vehicles into sparkling, showroom-ready masterpieces. Feel the satisfaction of scrubbing away grime and watching your customers’ cars gleam in the sunlight.

Transform dirty rides into gleaming masterpieces.

From dirty sports cars to rugged off-road trucks, take care of a wide range of vehicles with unique cleaning challenges. Each car has its own set of dirt patterns and specific cleaning requirements. Use a variety of tools like sponges, pressure washers, and wax applicators to tackle dirt, grime, and mud and master the art of car wash. Upgrade your car wash with advanced features, and choose from a range of soaps and waxes.

More than just a car wash game!

Offer additional services like tire shining, interior detailing, and custom paint jobs. Manage your time and resources like save water, soap, keep customers happy, and expand your car wash empire. Feel the stress melt away as you clean each car. Upgrade your car wash station with state-of-the-art equipment and unlock new features. Download Car Wash Games Car Washing and become a car care pro.